I wanted to let you know how great your service technicians were on our job. Good customer service and they went above and beyond their duties. Thank you for taking the time to investigate our situation and saving us money. This building is very important to us, and now we can continue to improve it, confident it won’t get further damaged from up above. We will call you again for service as it arises. Thanks!


Horizon Roofing has been a vendor of ours for many years. Last week we called about a leak, and they were at the building within an hour of my call. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services.

- Jackie K.

Over the weekend, we had a tenant call about a roof leak. I called Horizon’s number for assistance and want you to know how please I am with the response. Later that afternoon, you had a tech out to the building who discovered it was not a roof leak but an HVAC problem. Your tech was prompt in responding and very cordial in our conversations. Their professionalism is a credit to your organization.

- Jeff J.

I am very pleased with the crew on site. They are punctual, work through tough weather, and are very diligent on daily cleanup. They are doing a great job. Overall, it has been nice having them on-site, so thanks for that.

- Danny G.

I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to meet all of you yesterday. I can’t thank you enough, not just for taking time out of your day, but for being people of influence on needed change, taking the stand, and having the courage to seek solutions to problems and implement them, not just talk about it. After meeting you all and hearing what you’re doing, understand your vision for reaching the student & VET workforce and so much moreā€¦I am forever an advocate.

- Kurt P.

Your service team has been such great resources and trusted partners for me and my projects. As I’m sure you are told often, your company and staff are a class act and very much appreciated in today’s business climate. Thanks again!

- Joe S.

The employees on our site were great. They worked safely and productively while being customer friendly. I appreciate them putting safety at the front of everything and the strong management that happens on-site. You can tell they are concerned about doing a quality job and representing Horizon Roofing with integrity.

- Conrad B.

Thanks for busting your tails to wrap these projects up here. You weren’t put in the best of situations due to things out of everyone’s control; I just wanted to say I appreciated all of your efforts getting it done.

- Chuck D.