Adding Value To your Investment

It is a little-known fact only two percent of all roof failures happen due to materials. Instead, they are due to poor workmanship and cut corners. It’s worth the time and effort to choose your contractor carefully, look to the professionals at Horizon Roofing to bring added value to your investment.

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Commercial Roofing

As an experienced roofing contractor, we understand there is no one system that works for every building or budget. This is why we offer a wider selection of roofing systems to choose from and the expert guidance to provide you with the best one for your unique situation. Our current system offerings to our commercial, institutional and industrial clients include EPDM Rubber, Thermoplastic, Built-Up-Tar, and Modified Bituminous. These roofing systems have several applications to meet the specific needs of your building, whether it be new construction or replacing the roof on an existing building.

Architectural Sheet Metal

The way your building looks is just as important as the roof on top. Not only do we provide you with the highest quality roofing system, but we also work with you and your building team to choose the materials and design that give your property a distinct look to perfectly complement your building’s appearance. Utilizing the latest technologies, we are able to create truly custom pieces to match the envisioned look of your building.

Shingling & Siding

In 2015, we entered the shingling and siding industry with a priority focus on large-scale commercial projects $250k+. We are able to offer our customers options for shingling, siding, gutters and downspouts, soffit and fascia, deck railings and more with the same service and quality we’ve become known for.

Maintenance & Inspections

Prevention is easier than correction and, when it comes to your roofing system, is proven to be three times more cost-effective. If you want your roofing system to last, yearly maintenance and inspections are a must. Lucky for you, we offer these services to all of our clients. The maintenance programs we offer vary and are customized to meet your specific needs.

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24/7 Service

Our service crews are on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, no matter the weather, to ensure we respond to every leak quickly. Once you report an issue, our dispatching team works diligently to get a tech to your location. We back all of our repairs by reasons you can see using our proprietary reporting system.

Additional Services

Infrared Services
Green Roofing: Solar, Garden & Reflective

For more information on these services, contact us directly.


As a result of our award-winning workmanship, our warranties are among the best in the nation offering:

  • Non-prorated total system warranties for periods of up to thirty years
  • Hail and puncture-resistant warranties
  • Warranties for wind speeds of up to one hundred MPH
  • Color cracking and fading warranties

The best Reporting System in the nation

You might be thinking, what makes you so sure your reporting system is the best in the nation? Well, we’re glad you asked! Simply put, we are 100% transparent in the information we provide, covering more ground and giving you a higher-level view than our major competitors. We know this because our reporting system is proprietary and created with you in mind. To date, we have invested in over 30,000 programming hours to make sure we get it right for you. In fact, we’re so confident ours is the best, we’re willing to give you $1000 if you can show us any reporting system that is better than ours. Nope, there’s no catch, just let us inspect your roofs and show you what we find. If someone else does it better, we’ll pay up! So, are you ready to take the challenge?