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At Horizon Roofing, you’ll join a team that has been focused on providing unparalleled service to the roofing industry for 46 years. We’ve successfully grown our business while living out our core values and maintaining high ethics. Our commitment to both employees and customers alike has created a new standard for service excellence and industry leadership in the commercial roofing field.

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Many companies say they believe in continuous training but don’t take the necessary actions to provide for their employees. At Horizon, we stand firmly behind our words. When we purchased our new Twin Cities location in 2016, we dedicated 5,500 sq. ft. to training. Our training center, which includes five mock-up roofs, is highly reviewed by our manufacturing partners as “one of the nation’s best training centers.” Since changing our method of training, we have seen an increase in employee satisfaction, which has lead to a higher retention rate and better quality on our jobs.

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For 46 years, Horizon Roofing has been on a mission to serve the roofing industry with highly-qualified, uncompromising workmanship, and service. Through our innovative and outside-the-box-thinking, we have built a solid reputation as the premier commercial roofing contractor in the Midwest. Our commitment to quality, innovation, safety, and growth has earned us an esteemed 74 – and counting – awards, no doubt, making us the winning team to work for. Experience the difference at Horizon Roofing.


Dedication, integrity, and the embracing of new technologies and building practices has lead Horizon to rapid growth in a very slow-changing industry. In the last five years, we have seen the growth that surpasses many other companies in the roofing industry, which benefits both our customers and employees. For our customers, it means a more reliable company with financial backing, proper insurance, and more options to ensure their project is successful. For our current and future employees, it means increased opportunity for training, mobility, and flexibility within a growing company that is tough to find elsewhere.


Horizon Roofing offers a wide array of benefits, sure to fit every employee’s needs. From traditional medical and dental benefits to non-traditional benefits, Horizon looks out for its employees. When you join our team, you’ll receive:

  • Paid Time Off
  • Insurance: Health and Dental, Accident, Cancer or Critical Illness and Short/Long Term Disability
  • Referral & Training Bonus
  • Automatic 3% Employer 401(k) contribution
  • $30,000 Life Insurance
  • Clothing Allowance
  • AAA Membership
  • OSHA 10 & 30 Courses Offered
  • Forklift & Aerial Lift Certification
  • Paid Date nights
  • Paid Trips at 10 years

In addition, we typically work more hours per year than other companies and create growth opportunities for all of our employees.

Available Positions

What do Horizon Roofing Employees think about working with us?

Aaron R: I love it. Um, I don’t wake up laughing every day, but I enjoy my job, which I haven’t in a very, very long time. As far as the ability to advance, um, pretty much the sky’s the limit where you want to go here, so you end up here. So, I started out as a foreman four years ago. Where can we have just a superintendent? Now, I’m the manager of the service department. So, literally, wherever you want to go is where you end up.

Andrew A: I feel, um, working at Horizon Roofing has been, um, it’s been a plus for me, moving over from Wisconsin to Minnesota. Um, it’s been a great transition for my family and me.

Andy P: I feel very confident in the future working here. Um, everything that goes on, all the forward-thinking, um, our ability to get work and complete it, um, with quality in mind, and safety is-is huge.

Arnesto S: It’s awesome. I have no complaints at all whatsoever. I mean, everybody gets along with everybody. I like the fact that it’s family-oriented, as far as like, if anything happens with family, everybody’s understanding mean but, I’ve had the best experience so far.

Avionce N: It is a great place for me to be employed coz, every day I learn something new and um, it’s just great people all around.

Dan S: Uh, I love working here at Horizon. It’s a great place to have fun and work hard.

Daniel R: Great. I mean, I’ve got a lot of hours, and I make a lot of money, and I bought a lot of toys since I’ve been here and I got 5 children, and I got a wife. So, life’s been good since I’ve been here.

Danny T: I feel that Horizon Roofing presents a lot of opportunities for growth and expansion. I started as a laborer, and in a short time. I moved, move through the ranks up into the superintendent role.

David P: I really enjoy working at Horizon Roofing. There are a lot of good people here, and it’s just a great atmosphere.

Dustin W: I feel like working for Horizon Roofing. It’s a great company. They have done well for me, and I like working here.

Evan P: Some days are better than others. But that’s only because of the weather aspect, you know, some days you’re off because it’s raining or you have to work, and it’s freezing cold weather, but, you know, every day is a journey. I love working here. Um, I’ve been here a little over 4 years now, and I pretty much will be here till I retire. I just enjoy every moment of it.

Hanna S: I like working here at Horizon because everybody’s laid back. It’s easy to talk to supervisors about anything that needs to change. It’s easier to talk to people and get stuff done.

Jason N: I really like it. I mean, I’ve been here for 7 years now and don’t see myself going anywhere else.

Jordan K: Feel great. It’s a good company. Um, everyone’s pretty vocal. It’s more like a bond here than most places.

Josh A: Fast-paced environment. That is constantly making me think and challenge myself to, um, be my best person.

Kevin C: How I feel working at Horizon Roofing is you have the opportunity to grow, learn, um, it’s a great company. Family feel.

Kyle S: I like working at Horizon Roofing because the managers are flexible and fun to work with, and it’s not strictly about work. You can talk about your daily life, I mean, just have fun and not actually feel like you’re working all the time.

Luis C: The company really shows us that they care about us and they’re always like updating everything and seeing that we’re good and always asking how we need and like, for me as a foreman, they’re always a little nosy, asking us, how we are doing? And stuff like that.

Mike P: I feel very good about working at Horizon Roofing. I like the quality of work they perform and how they do it with customers and treat their employees.

David P: The people are very nice, very kind. Um, offers a lot of like, learning. It’s like, it’s not a steep learning curve. If you like willing to work like, it’s a great environment.

Neal G: Oh, I love it. Its freedom. You know, the pay rate’s awesome and the benefits are good. The people that work here just like a family.

Noel R: Working for Horizon Roofing has been a really good experience for me. I’ve been here for almost 6 years, and I like it a lot.

Pablo G: Um, I like working at Horizon Roofing because There’s a lot of good people. A great work ethic makes me, I guess, a better person.

Talvin R: Mmm. I feel good working at Horizon. I feel like, I’m getting a good workout every day. I come to work. Um, I feel like, I’m staying busy and productive, and I’m learning some valuable information. Buildings will always need a roof, and long as I’m learning this stuff, I’ll be able to make some money.

Taylor E: It feels very well working at Horizon Roofing. Um, get to work with friendly people. Stay busy.

Torreau B: I feel great working at Horizon Roofing, knowing that my safety comes first.

Traeton K: I love working here because the people you work with they’re more than just co-workers, more than friends. They’re family, and the work environment you are provided is one that is not intense but relaxed. You feel like you can come up and ask anybody anything, and you don’t have to stress about what they’re going to say or do.

Zuleima C: Mmm, working in Horizon Roofing, I think, it’s really nice. I feel great working here. It’s just a really nice job.