Coldspring Granite West

Location: Cold Spring, MN

Total Work Area: 132,000 Sq. Ft.

System: Firestone Una-Clad UC-3 Metal Roof System

In 2019, Horizon Roofing, Inc. was contracted to complete a full roof retrofit at Coldspring (formerly Coldspring Granite), a natural stone manufacturing facility and bronze foundry in Cold Spring, Minnesota.  At 132,000 sq. ft., this roof is one of the largest metal roof replacements in the state in 2020 that we are aware of. To protect the integrity of the roof, we needed panels to be up to 146 feet long. This is almost unheard of and required us to roll form the panels onsite…in the air. To do so, we had one telehandler to hoist the roll former 44 feet in the air to the roof edge. There was then another telehandler to hoist the coil of metal. Lastly, a man lift was used to hoist the primary operator who would feed the coil into the roll former. There were then six men on the roof to receive the newly made panels and disperse them on the building. In all, there was a total of 72,843, aka 13.7 miles of metal panels made this way.