True to the Core

Staying true to our roots since our inception in 1976, Horizon Roofing values the things that matter most; things like hard work, having a positive attitude, and maintaining safety in the workplace. By staying true to the core values in which we were founded, we’ve been able to provide the best service for our customers and employees. 

HARD WORK: We believe in going the extra mile for every customer, no matter the size. It’s a rule of thumb around here to give 100% every day. We have created a reputation for producing the highest quality product for our customers, and sometimes that means putting in a little extra elbow grease to get the job done.

PASSIONATE ABOUT QUALITY: We take pride in providing high-quality products and services that we stand behind. In turn, this results in stronger relationships, rapid growth, and content employees. When you choose Horizon, rest assured we will not walk away from a product we aren’t proud of. 

CUSTOMER DRIVEN: We know customer satisfaction is what drives our business and brings new opportunities. We strive to provide an exceptional customer experience by creating innovative solutions and adding value to your investment. Our clients can guarantee they’ll receive the same level of service we would desire should roles be reversed. 

SAFETY MINDED: A safety-minded company cares about safety before profits. We are dedicated to providing a work environment that reduces risk to our employees and the general public. It is our policy to train with a safety-first attitude and that all employees reserve the right to say no if they feel unsafe. 

POSITIVE ATTITUDE: We aspire to maintain positive attitudes by always expecting the best possible outcome in every situation. By exhibiting a can-do attitude as we perform our responsibilities and interact with clients, we create a company culture where everyone enjoys life and smiles more.