March Mania 2020

The NCAA Basketball Tournament is canceled, but that’s not going to hold us back from having fun! For our 4th Annual March Mania Tournament, we had to get creative and think outside-the-box to keep the good times rolling. No, there won’t be any live games, but there will still be winners, picked via intense games of Rock, Paper, Scissors. It’s anyone’s guess who will win, so fill out your bracket today!

Get In On The Action

No Games, No Problem

Welcome to Horizon Roofing’s 2020 March Mania Tournament Challenge! We’ve made a few changes to our bracket play to fit our current climate while still making it an enjoyable and entertaining experience for everyone. In true Horizon fashion, we’ve upped the ante this year and will be giving away cash prizes totaling $2,000. We can feel the money burning a hole in your pocket already!

Participants will receive a 32-seed bracket and submit picks using an online form. You will earn points for each correctly picked game, with the points increasing during each round of the tournament. Entries must be completed by Sunday, March 29th, 2020 at noon or they won’t count. Don’t be that person.

Since the tournament is not physically taking place, our team has been hard at work thinking of creative ways to determine game-winners. While practicing our best social distancing, our estimators will be playing games of Rock, Paper, Scissors with their family members to see who advances in all four rounds, as well as the championship. You can find these intense battles right here on this page, along with an updated leaderboard after every round.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

March Mania Rules

March Mania Rules and Regulations – We could all use a little happiness right, and we want this experience to be fun and entertaining for everyone but ask that you please play by the rules!

  • When creating your bracket, please fill out the Google Form to completion, including your contact information. If you win, we can’t pay you accordingly if we don’t know who you are, and that would be a bummer.
  • Only customers who have personally been invited by a Horizon employee are allowed to enter our bracket challenge. If someone within your organization would like to participate, please reach out to the person who invited you for approval. Those eligible to play must hold the title of Property Manager, Facility Manager, Building Engineer, Project Manager, Site Superintendent, or Estimator.
  • Horizon Roofing, Inc. employees will be determining winners by playing Rock, Paper, Scissors. Standard Rock, Paper, Scissors rules apply to all games. To keep the brackets in line with seeding, the games will be weighted, i.e., if a number 1 seed is playing an eight seed, the eight seed would need to win eight times before the one seed wins once.
  • We will update a leaderboard daily for all participants to see the current standings.
  • Horizon Roofing will be paying out $2,000 to the top 15 place winners AND five mystery place payouts that will be determined based off final participation numbers.
  • Payouts will be made via Visa Gift Card by April 30th. 

Questions? Reach out to or the employee who invited you for help. Thanks for playing, and best of luck!

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